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Is this how Arthur Conan Doyle felt when he killed Sherlock Holmes?
Well Detective Holmes was fictitious. I just opened the doors to a woman's mind.
A different woman's mind. As different Freida Kahlo, Sinead 'O Connor, Alanis Morissette, Maud Gonne, Hillary Swank, etc.
No we aren't lesbians you idiot. We just are different and dare to be different.

And I am gonna grow up. Oh my god.
That's my New Year's resolution.

No cribbing but I won't be silly anymore either.
No heartache and well considering I ain't too lucky no more love.

Rules for the new year:

1. Just shut up. Really nobody wants to know what happened to you. People are too busy trying to find a witness for their own lives, they don't want to be a witness to yours.
2. No more cribbing. Really any kind of whine is not appreciated...really!
3.  No more heartbreak.  Love ain't here anymore.

I am on a journey. To find what makes me tick.
Wish me luck.

This is my final post. Whatever I feel henceforth will be only protected posts in another journal.
See a bit of history: I've never had privacy. My mother was too scared I'd take the wrong path and read all the diaries I kept. And all the notes, all the notebooks, all my drawers.... All my messages were read. So I've pretty much had no privacy. Which is another reason why I kept this journal.

Anyway. It was nice knowing you all. All 10 of you, heh heh.
I don't know where I am going. Or what I am looking for. Maybe I am looking for a place like Tiffany's. And if I am lucky I'll find it too.

Don't worry I won't disappear. I'll leave comments on your journals when I think that what you have written, makes sense to me.
And maybe someday...just someday, if there is something that amuses me, something which isn't personal, I shall type my thoughts out here.
I don't know when that someday is. It could be tomorrow, day-after, next year, a decade later..
Till then...Goodbye.

P.s: For all those who have made this year-long journey (and almost 300 post journey), thank you. I hope you enjoyed your journey.
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If there is anybody who knows me its two people - Shakes and Al. I just have to hug Shakes when I am feeling down and his question would be - what happened? Of course Al would make fun till I wanna break his head, but eventually he'd settle down and help me figure what the pain points are.
Even that greasemonkey is like that. I just have to speak and he knows how I am feeling. If I am feeling down his first question would be - what happened?
And I miss them. Because I don't have the kinda time I used to, to talk to them..to just share a coffee with them.
See i go through intense emotions. When I am feeling down, I can really hit rock bottom really fast. And if I am feeling happy, the excitement and joie de vivre is infectious.
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John Mayer - Slow Dancing in a burning room
Elton John - Sacrifice
Joni Mitchell - Both sides now

These three songs have conflicting values. The message they gave are negative, but the music is so beautiful you would want to slow dance to them.
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*amused* *slow smile**laughter*
I am loving it!

Creative Advertising question paper, Section C (15 marks)
1.You are given a hoarding to communicate what you like to the father of your girl friend.
What will the message be? Draw up in exact dimensions the message, the copy and describe the visual.


Any suggestions??
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Must breathe...Must breathe....
My horoscope is being made. What do I do??
Must do something, before things get out of hand.
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My friend is getting married tomorrow in Chennai. And I can't go for it because I have exams.
I am so blue.
Losing two friends is hard: One to a stupid ego issue and another to marriage.
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Woah! Hold on there!

Oops I did it again. No I don't feel like Britney, I don't feel foolish.

But I caught myself doing something I thought I wouldn't. Apart from expecting perfection from me and everybody else.
I caught myself dreaming. I caught myself wishing for something straight out of a novella or a romantic, stock up on the tissues (kleenex - depending on where you are) please, movie.

No sir, No flowers for me. No violins and no lip-service (both verbal and French).
Let me be. Don't give me hope for a dream.
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Know where I am in the Hierarchy of Needs? Still at safety.
I am thankful I have left Physiological Needs.
I am looking at social and ego needs ahead of me. I have been looking at it past, let's see now, I'd say 5 years, yeah?

It's a LONG way to self-actualization *amused*

We'll try to stay blind
To the hope and fear outside
Hey child, stay wilder than the wind
And blow me in to cry

Who do you need, who do you love
When you come undone

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I hate low-rise jeans. Nah I do like them. They make me look thinner.But the only problem with low-rise jeans is that it sometimes rises lower than it should. I mean I WAS wearing a sweatshirt that was two sizes bigger than me. And suddenly I felt cold air on my lower back and well..everyone can guess what had happened.
See I am the classic fits, classic denim kinda girl. Hated flared/boot cut jeans, okay about low rise.

I think the problem is I've lost weight. So the damn jeans slips.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
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